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ACE is the new MUFLE linear drainage system for collecting and conveying surface water. This unique, revolutionary product is formed of a monolithic nodular cast iron cone with integrated grating which handles large flows of surface water and conveys them into the underlying pipe quickly and effectively. An unlimited number of ACE conical units can be combined to create a wall against the advance of rainwater. ACE cones feature an integral mechanical coupling system for combining them which requires no further fasteners such as bolts.

ACE is available in 3 sizes: with diameter 160 mm, 200 mm and 250 mm, to satisfy different flow rate requirements. The system has been tested for conformity with the European EN1433 standard, and is guaranteed up to load class F 900.

MUFLE ACE is recommended for the following applications: low angle sloping floors, logistics areas, ports and airports, heavy traffic areas like motorway tollbooths and service areas, heavy vehicle transit and manoeuvring areas.

MUFLE ACE channel

Main characteristics

  • Monolithic cone: The integrated grating does away with the problems associated with the grating lifting off.
  • Resistant: the cone is made in a single block of nodular cast iron, and is unaffected by impact and stress
  • The option to combine ACE cones is integrated into the design: there is no need fro fragile accessory equipment like bolts
  • Load class up to F 900
  • Optimised run-off capacity: different diameter cones can be used along a single drainage line
  • Versatile: a single drainage element can be combined with pipes of different diameters
  • Discreet: minimal surface profile
  • Effective: the grating slots are designed for maximum water capture
  • Smart management: the packaging itself is used in the installation