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The invisible ingredients for a healthy kitchen

Commercial kitchens are under constant pressure to produce tasty and healthy food in the most efficient way. Good commercial kitchen design needs to guarantee:

Food safety

An inadequate drainage and grease separation system can seriously compromise food safety. For this reason, ACO solutions are designed to ensure efficient drainage and safe water treatment. Our products are specially designed to reduce the risk of food contamination.

Cost control

Cost control is a key factor in business today. Industrial kitchens, including their drainage and grease separation systems, must be able to perform the functions required and ensure low lifetime operating costs. ACO drainage and grease separation systems require very little maintenance and help minimise cleaning costs while maximising hygienic performance.

Health and safety

​​​​​​​Minimising the risk of accidents is of primary importance in all industrial and catering kitchens. Kitchens need a drainage system that can ensure and improve safety in all phases – cleaning, emptying and functioning – while also guaranteeing maximum hygiene.

Floor drainage products

How to get more from your kitchen floor?

Industrial and catering kitchens are intensely busy environments where floors can easily become wet and greasy because of the large volumes of liquids involved in cooking and cleaning - liquids that are often boiling hot. Wastewater can also contain grease, which represents the main cause of pipe blockages and cannot be simply discharged into the sewer system. This combination of factors can have a serious impact on food safety, operating costs and the health and safety of staff.

Grease separators have to be used whenever wastewater contains animal or vegetable fats.

Commercial kitchens need pre-treatment systems to ensure that solids and liquids that might release unpleasant odours and even toxic fumes or that might interfere with kitchen work are never discharged into the pubic sewer system.

If this problem is not overcome, oil and grease in the wastewater can block drains, drainage equipment and the public sewers. Along with other materials, oils and grease form deposits inside pipes and can cause corrosion, blockages and unpleasant odours.

ACO grease separators

Inadequate floors and drainage can have a negative impact on your business.

Interview with William Taunton, director of Gastrotec S.p.A.

"[…] never skimp on kitchen infrastructure and wastewater systems. If you are planning new infrastructure for your kitchen, get it right the first time."