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a continuous and complete commitment


The General Management has defined the following fundamental principles on which the Quality Policy is based, since it explains its position in relation to the company:

  • Continuous and complete customer satisfaction, which means reducing the distance between what the customer expects and what the company is able to offer, ensuring not only the supply of a product but the provision of a service; through the training of personnel both from a technical and a communication point of view.
  • Continuous updating and attention to mandatory regulations, promoting and encouraging training and updating activities through internal and external courses, attendance at meetings and trade fairs and contacts with international organisations.
  • Attention in the approach to risk, from the identification and the allocation of the resources required for its management.
  • Establishing a common purpose and direction and creating and maintaining an internal company environment aimed at the full involvement of the personnel in pursuing the objectives set by the company, as reported in the form for objectives and indicators.
  • Involvement of personnel which constitutes the essence of the company.
  • Process approach to achieve the expected results more efficiently.
  • Systemic approach to management in order to identify, understand and manage the system of business processes which are interconnected to pursue the objectives set and to contribute to the effectiveness and efficiency of the company.
  • Continuous improvement which constitutes a fundamental and permanent objective of MufleSystem S.r.l. with decisions based on factual data and monitoring the processes themselves.
  • Decisions based on factual data as effective decisions are based on the logical and intuitive analysis of real data and information.
  • Mutual benefit relationships between MufleSystem S.r.l. and suppliers in terms of reciprocal growth opportunities according to pre-established objectives.

These fundamental principles contribute to improving the internal potential of the company, which greatly benefits, the motivation and awareness of all in order that each may behave in the dual role of customer and internal supplier.
The quality policy is the guiding element which unites all staff in their work, therefore the objectives defined by the management can only be reached thanks to a continuous and complete commitment by all personnel of MufleSystem S.r.l. .

Certification IQNETCertification IGQ


Quality in every stage of manufacturing


MufleSystem is a “Certified Company”, thanks to the Certificate of Conformity according to EN ISO 9001:2015 No. 2B45 issued by the Italian Institute of Quality Assurance, which sets out a series of rules to be followed in order to streamline work, meet customer requirements and maintain and improve one’s quality system. Through this certification process, the company can reduce its errors and enhance its organizational structure, by careful defining its corporate procedures – ranging from the management of resources to the manufacture of products – through the clear establishment of responsibilities and the conduct of analyses aimed at improving the procedures themselves. All processes are managed in a systematic and well-structured manner in order to increase customer satisfaction and to ensure continuity of the goods produced. The MufleSystem decision to go for certification has brought undeniable results such as: a systematic approach, method, system robustness, desire for continuing improvement, customer satisfaction and improved internal and external relationships.


Sign of our products’ conformity


The CE mark is a label which must be put on certain types of products to certify their compliance (or conformity) to all Community directives that apply to them. Application of the label is required by law in order to market the product in countries belonging to the European Economic Area (EEA). The CE symbol means “Conformité Européenne” and indicates that the product that carries it is in compliance with the essential requirements laid down by the Directives relating to safety, public health and consumer protection. These requirements are summarized in the European Directive 89/106/EEC transposed in Italy with Decree of the Italian President No. 246/93 which aims to ensure the free movement of construction products to overcome national protectionist barriers in the countries of the European Community.


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