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ISO 9001:2015

MufleSystem is "Certified Company", thanks to its certificate of conformity to EN ISO 9001: 2015 n° 2B45 issued by the Italian Institute of quality assurance, laying down a set of rules to be followed in order to streamline work, satisfy customer needs, maintain and improve its quality system.

The Certificate makes it possible for the Company to cut mistakes and boost its organisation structure by carefully defining its corporate procedures, from resource management to product manufacture, including the definition of responsibilities and the analysis and improvement of its processes.

All processes are handled on a systematic and organic basis in order to increase customer satisfaction and ensure working consistency in the production of goods.

MufleSystem’s decision to obtain the Certification made it possible to achieve major results such as: systematic nature, method, system soundness, spurs to improvement, customer satisfaction, better internal and external relationships.


The CE marking must be applied on the product and ensures it meets all the essential requirements of European Directives. The application of CE marking is prescribed by the law and indicates that the product can be legally sold within the European Union territory.

The CE marking means “Conformity Essential“ and the product, where the CE marking is affixed on, complies with the safety requirements of European Directives.

The CE marking must be applied indelibly when the appropriate certification assessment producers have been completed by the manufacture.

Where a Notified Body is involved in the production control phase, its identification number will follow the CE marking. Therefore MufleSystem applies the CE marking on all its products in compliance with the EN 1433 and all other European Directives.

The european standard
EN 1433

European Standard EN 1433 is aimed to define the “terminology“ classification, tests, design, marking and conformity assessment requirements of linear drainage channels to collect and convey surface water as installed in areas subject to pedestrian and/or vehicular traffic”.