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Excellent performance for everyone

The excellent solution for your own drainage system

MUFLE 4ALLH92 PP-PE channel with gratings is equipped with all the features necessary to obtain safe and efficient drainage. The smooth and waterproof surface, the lightness, the special compact geometry and the guaranteed performances for the load classes A15 and B125, are the main features that make MUFLE 4ALLH92 channel with grating unique in its kind. With its size of only 120X92X1000mm and the weight just over 1,90 kg (in the version with galvanized steel grating, load class A15), the MUFLE 4ALL H92 channel with grating can be installed and put into operation in a simple and easy way, without the help of special professional equipment, and this is precisely what makes it a product for everyone.

MUFLE 4ALL H50 Technical information

MUFLE 4ALL H92 and Standard gratings

PP-PE grating
Slot 8mm, load class A15
Galvanized steel OR Stainless steel grating
8mm slot, load class A15
Ductile Iron grating
6mm slot, load class B125

MUFLE 4ALL H92 and Design gratings

Customer is more and more attracted to the design of the surroundings and he needs to include drainage channels as an architectural design element, especially in his own home, garden or terraces. Mufle 4ALL H92 and the new design gratings can be assembled in harmony with their surrounding areas. Now the drainage channel is no longer just a water conveying system, but it can increase the beauty of the areas maintaining its technical efficiency.

  • Materials: PP-GF
  • Load class: B125
  • Slot: 6mm
  • Lenght of the grating: 500mm
  • Materials: Ductile Iron
  • Load class: B125
  • Slot: 8mm
  • Lenght of the grating: 500mm
Galvanized or Stainless steel SLIM
  • Materials: Galvanized or Stainless Steel
  • Load class: A15
  • Slot: 5mm
  • Lenght of the grating: 1000mm

Mufle 4ALL H92 and all its gratings can be supplied also in a pack of 3 meters channels.

The pack contains

  • num. 3 plastic channels
  • 3 gratings
  • 1 open cap
  • 2 end caps
  • screws

MUFLE 4ALL H92 and SlotTop Gratings

MUFLE SLOTOP combines design and the need of more performing drainage. It is perfect for those environments where it is necessary yo respect the aesthetics and at the same time to have a high technical quality. It can be considered an alternative to the traditional gratings and it offers an advantage thanks to the thin lines that perfectly integrate into the flooring and remains invisible in the architectural context. SlotTops are characterized by different fields of applications: balconies, terraces and private car parking.

4ALL H92   H40 Esploso
  • Certified in accordance to EN 1433
  • Drainage system composed by:
    • MUFLE 4ALL H92
    • SlotTop H20 or SlotTop H40
  • Dimension of slot: 10mm
  • Available also linear inspection elements

MUFLE 4ALL H92 and SlotTop gratings
Single slot in two different heights

SlotTop H20
  • SlotTop H20 in stainless steel
  • Dimension of slot: 10mm
  • Load class A15
  • Total height: 112mm
  • Linear inspection elements available
SlotTop H40
  • SlotTop H40 in stainless steel or galvanized steel
  • Dimension of slot: 10mm
  • Load class and B125
  • Total height: 132mm
  • Linear inspection elements available