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MUFLE WING is the MufleSystem range of products designed for industrial and infrastructural areas, where the activities (loading and unloading of goods, transit of heavy vehicles, etc.) require the highest performance features.
The channel body, completely made of HD-PE, is equipped with a galvanized steel rail, suitable and certified up to the F 900 load class.
The rail, perfectly anchored to the channel body, has a thickness of 4 mm in the area subject to the traffic effects and a thickness of 2 mm to support for the grating area. Four M8 Bolts for every 50 cm fix the gratings to the channel body.
The fixing system also gives the name to this product range where B, stays for bolt, in the number of 4 per grating.


Main features

  • Plastic channel body certified for load class C 250 - F 900 according to EN 1433: 2008
  • Galvanized steel rail
  • 3 different nominal widths available: 100, 150, 200 mm
  • With vertical and lateral knockouts
  • Vertical outlet kit Ø100 and Ø110 mm for channels H55 and H80 mm
  • Sump unit with foul air trap*
  • 4 bolts fixing system for each grating
  • Special pieces for corners, “T” couplings and cross couplings are available
  • *Not available for Xtraline B 200 H=250 mm and Xtraline B 300 H=300 mm

Typical applications

  • Areas subject to loading / unloading of goods; container handling with transit of forklifts and trucks.

  • Parking areas with high and constant traffic

  • Roads and highways

  • Viaducts

  • Petrol stations

  • Industrial areas

  • Port and airport areas.