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The next generation channel

MUFLE 4ALL H50, Versatile. Practical. Easy to assemble.

Drainage systems are becoming more and more important also in private spaces and MUFLE 4ALL H50 channel offers a drainage solution for every situation and requirement.

This innovative channel is suitable for drainage in areas such as terraces and balconies where the installation height is limited. This is possible thanks to its low height and new technical details such as the new side connections which make it easy to install.

MUFLE 4ALL H50 is available in a wide range of standard and design gratings perfectly integrated to the aesthetics of the sourrounding environment.

MUFLE 4ALL H50 Technical information

MUFLE 4ALL H50 and Design gratings

Customer is more and more attracted to the design of the sourrandings and he needs to include drainage channels as an architectural design element, expecially in his own home, garden or terraces.Mufle 4ALL H50 and the new design gratings can be assembled in harmony with their sourranding areas. Now the drainage channel is no longer just a water conveying system, but it can increase the beauty of the areas maintaining its technical efficiency.

  • Materials: PP-GF
  • Load class: B125
  • Slot: 6mm
  • Lenght of the grating: 500mm

  • Materials: Ductile Iron
  • Load class: B125
  • Slot: 8mm
  • Lenght of the grating: 500mm
Galvanized or Stainless steel SLIM
  • Materials: Galvanized or Stainless Steel
  • Load class: A15
  • Slot: 5mm
  • Lenght of the grating: 1000mm

MUFLE 4ALL H50 and Standard gratings

Standard gratings with classic but sophisticated details. Our range of standard grating includes ductile iron 6mm slot grating, the robust materials is particulary suitable for areas subjected to car traffic. The galvanized or stainless steel 8mm slot gratings are the well known in the market. These are distinguished by simplicity and fuctionality. In addition, the high quality can assure an extremely durable solution.
The PP/PE grating is the lightweight and has a great chemical resistance. Completely recyclable and durable. It is resistant to water, saline solution and it does not absorb liquid.

Dettaglio Griglia Ghisa
Dettaglio Griglia Plastica NO BRAND
Dettaglio Griglia Pioli NO BRAND

Mufle 4ALL H50 and all its gratings can be supplied also in a pack of 4 meters channels.

The pack contains

  • num. 4 plastic channels
  • 4 gratings
  • 1 closed end cap
  • 2 open end caps

MUFLE 4ALL H50 and SlotTop Gratings

MUFLE SLOTOP combines design and the need of more performing drainage. It is perfect for those environments where it is necessary yo respect the aesthetics and at the same time to have a high technical quality. It can be considered an alternative to the traditional gratings and it offers an advantage thanks to the thin lines that perfectly integrate into the flooring and remains invisible in the architectural context. SlotTops are characterized by different fields of applications: balconies, terraces and private car parking.

4ALL H50   H20 Esploso
  • Certified in accordance to EN 1433
  • Drainage system composed by:
    • MUFLE 4ALL H50
    • SlotTop H20 or SlotTop H40
  • Dimension of slot: 10mm
  • Available also inspection elements:
    • linear
    • with right curve or with left curve

MUFLE 4ALL H50 and SlotTop gratings
Single slot in two different heights

SlotTop H20
  • SlotTop H20 in stainless steel
  • Dimension of slot: 10mm
  • Load class A15
  • Total height: 70mm
  • Inspection elements available
    • linear
    • with right curve or with left curve
SlotTop H40
  • SlotTop H40 in stainless steel or galvanized steel
  • Dimension of slot: 10mm
  • Load class and B125
  • Total height: 90mm
  • Inspection elements available
    • linear
    • with right curve or with left curve

MUFLE 4ALL H50 and Tile grating
Double slot grating

Discreet, elegant and almost invisible, Tile grating can be integrated into a terrace with its simple design. The drainage is invisible to the eyes but remains functional and the design remains the main protagonist. Tile grating creates a double drainage line that is perfectly integrated with the flooring and at the same time prevents water stagnation and infiltration into the bedding. All this happens only with two lines that provide uniformity to the drainage system. This is a solution suitable for new building but also for renovation.
Applications: terraces, balconies and swimming pool

Technical information:

  • Stainless steel AISI 304
  • Dimension of slots: 8mm
  • Load Class: A15
  • Total height: 67mm
  • It is possible to create corners without interrupting the drainage line using special corners