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The new grating in ductile iron

The new grating in ductile iron in perfect Italian style load class B125

This new design grating marks an important step for Mufle because this is the expression of the important work that we are doing in the drainage segment.

This new grating was designed starting from geometrics with opened oblique elements thanks to 8.5mm slot that allows the correct passage of water and at the same time maintains a modern style that respects the surrounding environment. The material is ductile iron GJS 500/7 commonly use which offers guarantees of safety and performance. Ductile iron has high standards of mechanical resistance and ductility making this material perfect for the fields of use and reaching load class B125.
This grating is used in areas with light traffic such as pedestrian areas, pavements and parking areas. This is why it is so important achieve both design and technical performances.

Available for channels : 4ALLH50 and 4ALLH92

How did this project of new design grating come about?

"The common idea is that the water drainage systems only have a technical function of collecting water,
We believe that drainage is also an element that can enrich and give aesthetic value to the surrounding environment. For this reason in designing this grating we paid particular attention to design and aesthetics maintaining the high technical standards that our products have."