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Perfect solution for your drainage line

Compact. Easy to carry. Easy to install.

Our 4ALL H50 offers an innovative solution suitable for all areas such as terraces and balconies, where limited installation height is available. More and more this solution is popular in refurbishment application.

Thanks to its reduced height and innovative details, such as the new side connections, it is the best solution to ensure a perfect water drainage line.

4ALLH50 is a versatile, practical and easy-to-use channel, even to install by yourself.

The new 4ALL H50 allows you to have everything needed for a perfect application in a single box, 4ALLH50 PACK. Inside you will find 4 meters of channel and the accessories for the composition of a drainage line.

The pack is compact, easy to carry and even when closed, it allows you to see and touch the channel and its grating. Emphasis should be given to the new range of design gratings that complete our offering.

What's inside?

The pack contains