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The decorative element that adds character to your drainage

It’s to our great satisfaction that we present to you, the new MUFLE 4STONE drainage system composed of MUFLE 4ALLH92 in PP-PE and the new grating in Galvanized steel or AISI 430 Stainless steel capable of transforming your outdoor spaces into luxurious oases of both style and comfort.

MUFLE 4STONE originates from the need to enhance the aesthetics of your green spaces and is the perfect synthesis of functionality and design.

Discover what makes MUFLE 4STONE so special:

  1. Unique design: enhance your green areas adding a touch of uniqueness and use the grating to contain decorative stones of your choice and create geometries pleasing to the eye.
  2. Superior Performance : by installing our MUFLE 4ALLH92 channel, therefore exact working functionality of the drainage part is guaranteed.
  3. Versatility: perfect for a wide range of applications; from gardens to relaxation zones, bring style and functionality wherever you go
  4. Creativity: with MUFLE 4STONE you can unleash your creativity; choose from black or grey channels and select different stone textures to truly customize your outdoor spaces.

Ready to elevate your outdoor experience? Don't miss this opportunity! Contact our Area Manager to discover our summer promotion.

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