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SlotTop, invisible and efficient drainage systems
Design to meet every need

It is perfect for those environments where it is necessary to respect the aesthetics and at the same time to have a high technical quality. SlotTop can be considered an alternative to the traditional grating and it offers an aesthetic advantages thanks to the thin lines that perfectly integrate into the flooring and remains invisible in the architectural context.
Thanks to the thin lined in stainless steel or galvanized steel, SlotTop adapts perfectly to the environment and the design is the protagonist. A discreet system with minimal visual impact. It perfectly integrates with flooring making it almost invisible. It is a valid alternative to the traditional drainage gratings but it also offers an important aesthetic advantage. 4ALL H50 and 4ALLH92 channels with SlotTop is the perfect solution for height limited installations. Customer is more and more attractive to the design of surrounding and needs to include drainage system such as an architectural design element, especially in his own homes gardens and terraces.

SlotTop H40 can be installed with tiles and different stones but all with a max thickness of 30-35mm. With this installation it is important to have a bigger installation support surface to garantee safety and quality at the same time. Different fields of applications: balconies, terraces and private car parking up tp squares, plazas and fountains.

System overview SlotTop combined with 4ALLH50 and 4ALLH92

SlotTop H20 and 4ALLH50 channel body
SlotTop H20 and 4ALLH92 channel body
SlotTop H40 and 4ALLH50 channel body
SlotTop H40 and 4ALLH92 channel body
  • Drainage system composed by channel 4ALL and grating SlotTop
  • Stainless steel AISI 304
  • Dimension of slot 10mm
  • Suitable for surfaces paved with low thickness tiles
  • Load class A15
  • Inspection elements: linear, with right curve and with left curve
  • SlotTop H20 and 4ALL H50 can create a 90° corner without interroption on the drainage line
  • Total height 4ALL H50 e SlotTop H20 : 70mm
  • Total height 4ALL H92 e SlotTop H20 : 112mm
  • Total height 4ALL H50 e SlotTop H40 : 90mm
  • Total height 4ALL H92 e SlotTop H40 : 132mm
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to transport

To create 90° corner without interrupting the drainage line, the perfect solution is to install the SlotTopH20 with 4ALLH50 channel. Thsi is possible thanks to the right and left inspection elements present in the range.

Brochure SlotTop