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Management of surface water for highways
Slope channel an highways drainage solution

Effective management of surface water for all highways and trunk roads is essential for safe use by both vehicles and pedestrians. MUFLE understands these demanding operational challenges and the importance of delivering high-performance surface water management systems. Innovation and research are the aim of Mufle products and with SLOPE range the focus is shifted to the highways and roads which always require new solutions for safety and environmental sustainability.


MUFLE provides with SLOPE channel of highways-specific drainage solutions that support essential road drainage infrastructure in highways, trunk roads, urban roads, footpaths and highways conservation.

  • Highways
  • Roads
  • Paving with draining asphalt

Technical information

SLOPE is a system composed from HD-PE channel with galvanized steel reinforced edge suitable for loading class D400. It is very compact, since the frame is perfectly anchored to the channel body and made of materials able to resist corrosion and deformation.
The fixing system for the grating is guaranteed by the innovative system "Hook lock".
The range is made up of channels with 3 widths (100-150-200mm) and 3 heights (100-160-250mm). Two different solutions for the frame: standard frame and draining frame.

Main features

  • The channel body is completely made of HD-PE certified for load class D400 according to EN 1433:2002
  • Galvanized steel rail (stainless steel on request)
  • Available in 3 different nominal widths: 100 - 150 - 200mm
  • With vertical and lateral knockouts
  • Vertical outlet 200 and 160mm
  • Sump unit
  • Fast fixing with hook locks
  • Two solutions: standard frame or draining frame

Slope with draining frame

Originated from the need to collect and drain the water that is absorbed by the asphalt run-off layer with which the highways are paved. The frame is made of 4 mm thick galvanized steel and replaces the normal slope frame.The side panels are perforated to allow water ingress and are structured to withstand vehicular traffic. The system is certified up to class D400. Equipped with anchor bolts for better anchoring of the channel in the backfill concrete.

Available for Slope 150 and Slope 200.

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